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Casting Policy

Our casting and hiring policy support our responsibility to building our company and presenting work that reflects the growing diversity of our community, promoting inclusion from all members, and supports our commitment to presenting engaging stories. 


For our casting policy, we are dedicated to being aware and conscious of all our casting choices.  We will not be bound by tradition or constrained institutional practices.  Our casting is free and open in regards to a performer’s and character’s gender, race, ethnicity, age or physical abilities, and guided by the needs of the script and the story, the director’s vision for the piece, and our company’s dedication to diversity and cultural inclusion.

Auditions Material 2023


Please Click on the following to download sides for callbacks.  Please bring them with you.  If you forget, there will be sides available at the callbacks.

For casting breakdowns: click here

Click here for our ONLINE Casting Form

Will, Danny & Sam

Will & Laura

Josh & Claire (A)

Josh & Claire (B)

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