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Casting Policy

Our casting and hiring policy support our responsibility to building our company and presenting work that reflects the growing diversity of our community, promoting inclusion from all members, and supports our commitment to presenting engaging stories. 


For our casting policy, we are dedicated to being aware and conscious of all our casting choices.  We will not be bound by tradition or constrained institutional practices.  Our casting is free and open in regards to a performer’s and character’s gender, race, ethnicity, age or physical abilities, and guided by the needs of the script and the story, the director’s vision for the piece, and our company’s dedication to diversity and cultural inclusion.

Breakdowns: Summer 2023

Open casting for four of our productions this summer


15 Minute Musical Festival new, original short musicals 

The musical selection process is currently underway, final casting breakdowns will be available after selection is complete


HEROES OF SANTA CLARITA an world premier comedy play written by Randall Greenwald.  Not all heroes wear capes, some drive SUVs. Directed by David Stears

Performances at the MAIN in July  

Character Breakdown:

Josh: Male, 40 - 60. A suburban Dad, having an affair with Claire


Claire: Female, 40 - 60. A suburban soccer Mom, Sleeping with Josh


Danny: Male, 40 - 60. Also a suburban Dad and a member of Josh’s friend group since high school, appearently happily married

Sam: Male, 40 - 60. Perpetually single. Another member of Josh’s friend group since high school


Will: Male, 40 - 60. Another member of the high school friend group who lives in “the city”, Bi male 


Laura: Female, 40 - 60 Divorced suburban Mom who dated Will in high school


Audition: any comtemporary monologue  (1-2 minutes) ~ Lighter is better.


WILDE TALES by Jeremy Bloom based on the fairy tales by Oscar Wilde. Our summer children's prduction. Performances at the MAIN in July

Cast will consist of 5-7 actors playing mutiple roles and various species and ages. 

Audtion Requirement: prepare a short (1 minute or less) as an inanimate object or animal. 30 second Song

LOVE'S LABOURS LOST ~  Free Shakespeare in the Park 

Performances in the beginning of August. Directed by Luck Hari

Casting will be flexible as to gender and age. Prepare a 1-2 minute Shakespearean monologue.

For a reference of characters please visit this link

Click here for our ONLINE Casting Form

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