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Our Supporting Cast

This is a complete list of our donors for all our programs.  Become a member fo the supportintg cast and support local, professional arts programming in our community

Director's Circle: California Arts Council, City of Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County Dept of Arts & Culture, Los Angeles County Supervisors, Renato Biribin & Julia Gregory, G.A Foster Legacy Foundation

Shakespeare Circle: Leslie & Bob Berra, Gift of Song, Harold & Jacqulyn Petersen, Joyce Serido

Benefactors: Cindy Busto, Carol Kopf, Christina Harding, Jeffrey Hyde, Leslie Kelly, Staci Mickelson, Susan Shapiro, James Yonatta 

PatronsEclipse Theatre/LA, Mike Fracassi, Keith Gertzman, Adrian Hale, Cynthia Neal-Harris, Katherine Julian, Gregory Laird, Marti Noxon, Shellie O'brien, Julie Roberts, The Stears Family

Sustainers: Vincenza Biribin, Britani Bowman, Dyanne Chae, John Cummings, Valeria Cummings, Vicki Edwards, Chad Hoecker, Douglas Holiday, Sherry Klahs, Rick Linder, Jennifer Lord, Douglas Magee, Daniel Martin, Bill Miranda, Leigh Ann Moss, Heather Tonkins, Sally Louise White

Supporters: Philip Cooke, Michael Cruz, Robert Dougherty, Allison Fate, Gregg and Patti Finley, Patricia Zylstra

FriendsChristine Abbott, Paul Bales, Rene Bruckner, Laurie Carlson, Jeffrey Kafer, Jill Kocalis Pappas, Evan Runyan, Tembra Williams

Groundlings: Birkir Brimdal, Francis Jardine, Antonella Runkle, Imelda Stoffregen

Updated: July, 2023

Our Corporate Sponsors

A Special Thank to our sponsors for our programs and events


G.A Foster Legacy Foundation


Our Media Sponsors

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In support of educational programming in our local schools and community

You can be part of the Supporting Cast

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