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Our Supporting Cast

This is a complete list of our donors for all our programs.  Become a member fo the supportintg cast and support local, professional arts programming in our community

Directors Circle: Leslie & Bob Berra, California Arts Council, City of Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Los Angeles County Supervisors, Thomas & Susan Richardson 


Shakespeare Circle: Union Bank, Smart & Final


Benefactors: Paul and Eileen Daniels, Todd and Kristin Hampton, 

Mark and Eileen Winger

Patrons: Mike Fracassi, The Stears Family,  Phil and Nancy Lantis

Sustainers: Viaks Adam, Erin Africa, Nancy Neill, Hollie and Raymond Rarick, Susan Shapiro, Jan Sandstrom, Jackie & Marc Zev, Stella Zielinski,


Friends:   Brenda Azamian, Ed Brand, Renee Coleman, Louise & Michael Davies, Steve & Fran Fecske, Ben & Elizabeth Froemming, John Giffen, Tracy Hagenmayer, Cynthia Harris, Alexis Heinz, Susan Hinshaw, Jeffrey Jacobson, Elizabeth Jenkins, Charles & Yvonne Jones, Florence Loring, Harry McNeill, Alfons Mejia, Rima Raulinaitis, Jan Sandstrom, Voldi & Carla Way


Groundlings: Tiffany Abril, Lefty & Vick Ayers, John Berstrom, Raymond, Chibrik, Flo Dahlenburg, Cheryl Dellepiane, John Giffen, Lauren Hathaway, Diane Huml, Jack Hummez, Hugh Ingraham, Scott & Laurie Kirby, Peter Krantz, Howy Mitchell, Audrey Moore, Greg Nutter, Jan Sandstrom, Robert Shay, Paulette & Mike Tcherkasske

Our Corporate Sponsors

A Special Thank to our sponsors for our programs and events

G.A Foster Legacy Foundation


You can be part of the Supporting Cast

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