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The Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival has two fully paid internships through  the Los Angeles County Department  of Arts and Culture ARTS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM.  The two positions available this year are:  FESTIVAL PRODUCTION INTERN and EDUCATION & SOCIAL MEDIA INTERN.  For more information about the SUMMER ARTS INTERNSHIP program click on this link.  Please apply for the position please click on the position.  For more information or to apply for the position, please email us at

Arts In Schools Coordinator

Coordinators to work specifically with school, coordinating after-school enrichment programs and inschool performances working with districtrs, school sites, principals, and PTAs.  Works in consultation with the Associate Director of Education.  This is a parttime grant funded position.

Concessions Manager

SCSF operates the concessions counter at THE MAIN for all performances s and events.  Hours are typically Thursday - Sunday evenings.  Must be 21 years old with positive costumer service skills.  For more information or to apply for the position, please email us at

Stage Manager

Looking for a stage manager for one of more productions this summer.  Must have experience calling a production, be well organized, and be familiar with AEA procedures.

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