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We understand your concerns and want you to feel comfortable and safe when attending a performance. We are deeply committed to providing a safe and comfortable experience for our patrons and our company members.

All performances are at the Main Theatre:

  • We are working closely with the City of Santa Clarita and THE MAIN staff, following their protocols and guidelines for indoor public assembly. 

  • The Main does not have a recirculating air system.  The air is drawn from outside, cooled, and blown into the facility.  The HVAC system will remain on to provide a consistent flow of air into the space.

  • Currently, the Los Angeles Department of Public Health is requiring mask worn when indoors regardless of vaccination status.  We have masks available for you at the door, if you need one.

  • High touch surfaces will be regularly sanitized

  • Currently, performers on stage are not required to wear a mask while performing. 

    • The stage is 7 feet to the closest audience member.

    • We have limited our actors from coming in direct contact with our audiences.  In the rare occasions, if a performer does cross the threshold of the stage, they will have a face covering.

If you would like further information about the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines at their website:

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