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CAMILLE Casting Breakdown

CAMILLE is based on the 1864 novel by Alexandre Dumas.  The music is in the style of classic Broadway.  Please prepare a 16 - 32 bar song in the range of the part you are interested in.  


Camille Marguerite Gautier: (Soprano G3 to A5) Waif-like French courtesan dying of tuberculosis. Excellent actor/singer.


Armand Duval: (Tenor C#2 to B4. 20-30’s) Passionate lover of Camille. Youthful, dashing, compassionate. Excellent actor/singer.


Baron De Varville: (Bass Baritone low C# to D4. 40’s) Suitor of Camille. Distinguished gentleman a serious toxic dark side. Excellent actor/singer. Rich low notes with edge.


Nichette Duval: (Soprano C-High Bb. 18-early 20’s) Country girl. Armand’s sister. Kind, gentle, loving, only sees the good in people. Betrothed of Gustav.


Gustav Ledoux: (Tenor C to B4, 20’s) Friend of Armand. Works as a fur trader in his father’s business which often brings him to Paris. His family has deep roots in the countryside of Normandy. An educated young man, but not cultured or refined. Happy with the simple things, conservative, sincere. Engaged to Nichette.


Prudence Duvernoy: (Mezzo, A3 to Eb5. 40-50’s) Camille’s business manager. A “has been”courtesan. Robust comic actress with dramatic chops who sings well.


Gaston Rieux: (Lyric Baritone, A2 to A4. Late 20’s- early 30’s) Friends with both Camille and Armand. Dashing ladies' man with a sense of humor and an “edge.” Great actor/singer.


Julie Duprat: (Soprano, D to B5. Any age) Camille’s caretaker. Maternal, kind woman. Soprano with ability to float high notes. Excellent actor.


Jacques Duval: (Bass/Baritone, F2 to E4. 50’s) Armand’s father. Distinguished government official. Loving father. Excellent actor/singer.


Dominique: (Mezzo Soprano, F3 to D5, 40+) Guardian of Nichette. Kind and Maternal. From the original country town from which Camille was born. Becomes Camille’s ally in the country. Strong actor with lush rich warm tone.


Manon: (Transgender, any age, any vocal time) Runs the dress shop Camille once worked in.


Courtesans: Anais, Colette, Delphine, Gabrielle, Eugenie : (20’s/30’s)


Count Curleé: (any age) Suitor of Camille


M. Girard: (any age) Suitor of Camille, supports Armand at the Duel


Francoise: (any age) Baritone Varville’s second at the duel



Dealer At Varville’s Party (any age)

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