Big Hair, shoulder pads, and televangelists. Set against the backdrop of 1980’s excess in Beverly Hills, this updated Tartuffe examines the evil that men can commit in the guise of religious fervor and the dangers that imperil those who would believe only what they choose to believe despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary


Caught up in a midlife crisis, Orgon seeks solace in religious piety. ... By the time his blinders are removed, it's too late; Tartuffe has conned Orgon out of all he owns and betrayed a confidence. ... Tartuffe's only Achilles' heel is lust—in particular, lust for Elmire


Molière wrote Tartuffe in 1664. Almost immediately following its first performance at Versailles, it was censored by King Louis XIV.  As a result of Molière's play, contemporary French and English both use the word "tartuffe" to designate a hypocrite who ostensibly and exaggeratedly feigns virtue, especially religious virtue.


Friday July 19 @ 8 pm

Saturday July 20 @ 2 pm & 8 pm

Sunday July 21 & 28 @ 2 pm & 7 pm


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